Central European Shed/Cabin 10mm-CE-03 A 10mm Central European wooden plank shed/cabin with a shingle roof. The model has a footprint of 16mm x 30mm. £2.50 Central European Water Tap and Trough 10mm-CE-04 Every village needs a water supply. This 10mm community water supply is a tap set in a pillar 11mm high. Wire is supplied for the tap but needs to be shaped and cut to size. £1.00

10mm Central European Range

Anyone who’s visited my 1809 Blog will know that I’m pretty passionate about 10mm Napoleonics. So, me designing more and more 10mm Napoleonic buildings is simply a matter of time! The dominant feature of the houses of the Central European range is the preference for the stove-type chimney. Central European Townhouse 10mm-CE-01 A 10mm Central European townhouse with a pantile roof. The model has a footprint of 46mm x 32mm. The kit is made from medium density fibreboard and cardboard.   £4.00 BELOW Central European townhouse CE-10mm-01 kit assembled and painted. Shown with Pendraken and one Magister Militum Austrian Napoleonic 10mm miniatures.
Central European Thatched Cottages 10mm-CE-02 These thatched cottages are designed not just as  rural dwellings but as houses found on the outskirts of Central European towns. The kit makes two thatched cottages with rendered walls and central brick chimneys. Enough ‘thatch’ material is included for both buildings. This needs to be cut to the required shape. No two wall designs are the same and they can be assembled in many different ways. Pair of thatched cottages including thatch material. £5.00 Central European Crucifix Monument 10mm-CE-05 This 10mm monument is based on the cross in Édouard Detaille’s painting of the Mars La Tour battlefield. The model requires a cocktail stick or 2mm rod or wire (not supplied). £2.00 Essling Church 10mm-CE-06a This church or chapel model is designed with a diagonal planked double door. It has a small 39mm x 60mm footprint. Check out Michael’s 1809 Blog for more on the Essling Church model. £9.50 10mm-CE-06b Same kit as Essling Church (CE-10mm-06a) but with a panelled double door as an alternative to the diagonal planked double door. £9.50
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All kits come unassembled and unpainted. The materials for the kits are fibreboards, card and paper.

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