10mm Fantasy Range

Wizard’s Tower  FAN-10mm-01 This Wizard’s Tower for 10mm miniatures is 140mm high and stands on a 70mm round base. The included base is a Supreme Littleness Tooth Edge Base. There is enough room on the battlements to stand a 20mm round base. A Supreme Littleness 20mm round Tooth Edge Base is also included in the kit. NOTE: The tower is designed with the option to include 12 add-yourself (spiky) skewer sticks – not supplied but they are readily available. 10mm Wizard’s Tower £5.00 Fantasy Farm FAN-10mm-02 This 10mm farm is designed for the Fantasy tabletop. The outbuildings slot into the supplied 100mm x 100mm wavy-edge base (more wavy-edge bases here). The two main buildings are free-standing and designed to be glued to the base. The barn is just over 80mm high. The buildings are fashioned in fibreboard with card- board wooden panels and textured-paper roof tiles. 10mm Fantasy Farm £16.50 Fantasy Farmhouse FAN-10mm-02a This kit is an option to buy the farmhouse model from kit FAN-10mm-02 on its own. 10mm Fantasy Farmhouse £8.50 Fantasy farm model coming soon!
ABOVE The 10mm Wizard’s Tower kit assembled and painted with a Games Workshop Warmaster miniature.
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All kits come unassembled and unpainted. The materials for the kits are fibreboards, card and paper.

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