BELOW The miniature used for scale purposes is a Pulp Figures sailor that is a little more than 28mm tall. Click on the images to enlarge.

28mm Tabletop Clutter

Whether loading wagons, stacking shelves or building barricades, you can never have enough barrels and boxes cluttering up the tabletop!   Medium-sized Wooden Barrels TC-28mm-01 5 medium-sized barrels, each approximately 13mm high The fibreboard barrels have cardboard lids. £1.20 Large Wooden Barrels TC-28mm-02 3 large barrels, each approximately 17mm high The fibreboard barrels have cardboard lids. Pack also includes 1 small barrel, approximately 10mm high. £1.20 Small Wooden Barrels TC-28mm-03 8 small barrels, each approximately 10mm high £1.20 Assorted Boxes TC-28mm-04 1 medium-sized Wooden Crate approximately 19mm square 10 Cardboard Boxes with fibreboard bases 10 Fibreboard Tray-Boxes with 10 cardboard separators £1.20 Shallow Boxes TC-28mm-05 15 Shallow Boxes in two sizes, six larger and nine smaller £1.20 Medium-sized Wooden Crates TC-28mm-06 4 medium-sized Crates, each approximately 19mm square £1.20 Large Wooden Crates TC-28mm-07 3 large Crates, each approximately 21mm square £1.20 Long Wooden Crates TC-28mm-08 4 wooden crates, each approximately 25mm long £1.20 Each 28mm Tabletop Clutter pack contains one 80 x 100mm sheet of fibreboard. Every effort has been taken to cram as many pieces on the sheets as possible.
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ABOVE Large Wooden Barrel TC-28mm-02 and the Small Wooden Barrel from TC-28mm-03 that comes with pack TC-28mm-02. The figure is 35mm tall.

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Please check out the Order Page before making an order.
Please check out the Order page before placing an order.
All kits come unassembled and unpainted. The materials for the kits are fibreboards (MDF), card and paper.