28mm Cottages

This 28mm-scale range is intended to provide models for villages and the rural landscape. 28mm Culloden Battlefield’s Leanach Cottage 28mm-COT-01
ABOVE The model comes with card stone- pieces. This assembled kit has had a tile grout spread lightly over the card and thickly and lumpily in the gaps between the card, managed into simple stone shapes.
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DOING IT YOURSELF TIP One of the simplest ways of texturing the MDF walls of a building is the same glue and sand method commonly used to texture MDF bases.
All kits come unassembled and unpainted. The materials for the kits are fibreboards (MDF), card and paper.
Hints and tips on assembling the kits can be found on the Designs page.
Leanach cottage still stands on Culloden battlefield in Scotland. During the battle, it was one of a group of similar smallholdings each with their own individually farmed piece of land. The model’s design follows the present building’s restoration.  The model comes with a choice of doors. Thatch material is provided. This has to be cut to shape. Other roof material may be substituted. £12.50
Supreme Littleness Designs’ 28mm-scale models are designed for figures 28-32mm high. This is sometimes referred to as 1:56 or 1:60 scale.
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