28mm Medieval

This 28mm-scale range covers the Medieval period including the early-Medieval period often called the Dark Ages. Supreme Littleness Designs’ 28mm-scale models are designed for figures 28-32mm high. This scale is similar to 1:76, S scale, 1:64, and 4mm and 5mm to the foot. 28mm Early-Medieval Chapel MED-28mm-01 This model is designed as a simple early-Medieval stone-built chapel with a thatched roof. It comes with a wavy-edge base measuring 80mm x 110mm. Included are the models of an early-Christian grave stone and a bench. The chapel’s two side windows have interior shutters. This is a plain (no engraved stonework) model kit and is intended to be completed with a texture finish. Comes with a suitable length of thatch material but other roof material may be substituted. £6.50
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BELOW Finished model shown with a Foundry 28mm Perry sculpt. The figure is mounted on an SLD 20mm round 2mm-thick MDF base. Modelling paste has been added in a simple way with a cocktail stick to the bare walls to give a textured finish. The grave stone has been ‘roughed up’ with a needle file.
DOING IT YOURSELF TIP One of the simplest ways of texturing the MDF walls of a building is the same glue and sand method commonly used to texture MDF bases.
All kits come unassembled and unpainted. The materials for the kits are fibreboards (MDF), card and paper.
Hints and tips on assembling the kits can be found on the Designs page.