28mm Vehicles

Supreme Littleness Designs’ 28mm-scale models are designed for figures 28-32mm high. This scale is similar to 1:76, S scale, 1:64, and 4mm and 5mm to the foot. 28mm Fantasy Prison Wagon 28mm-V01-FAN This four-wheeled prison wagon has an ornate style that might suit a snow world setting such as Frostgrave, for which it might be painted silver and cool grey. Alternatively, with a red and green colour scheme it might be an ideal prison wagon for an evil child catcher. The wagon features a seat for the driver, seven grilled windows, mounting steps, and a cage at the back of the wagon. The vehicle is designed for use with one 28mm draught animal (not included), in this case a draught horse - or a deer complete with antlers, perhaps! £12.50 28mm Fantasy War Wagon 28mm-V02-FAN
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Shown with a Colonel Bills 28mm draught horse (not included).
This four-wheeled wagon has an interior space measuring 75mm x 50mm. The model was inspired by the historical Hussite battle wagon and designed to be fielded similarly as a wagon wall without draught animals. £5.50 Buy a 100mm x 80mm base for a war wagon (complete with dice holder) here. The model comes with a choice of two floor heights. These Games Workshop orc archers take advantage of the higher of the two.
28mm 2-Wheeled Cart 28mm-V03-RW This simple two-wheeled cart is designed as an Ancient/Medieval one-horse cart that might suit any region from Europe to the Far East as well as a Fantasy setting. £3.00 28mm Broken Cart Wheel 28mm-V03a-RW This wheel model can be substituted for one of the wheels of RW-28mm-V03 or simply left discarded by the wayside. £0.50
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All kits come unassembled and unpainted. The materials for the kits are fibreboards (MDF), card and paper.
28mm Barrels & Boxes available here.
28mm Push & Pull Handcart 28mm-V04 This model is designed as a simple hand cart designed to be pulled from the front at the same time as being pushed from behind. It is based on a Chinese hand cart. The cart is 80mm long. £2.00
28mm Tumbrel Cart 28mm-V05 Tumbrel carts were open backed so they could empty their load when tilted backwards. They were used to convey condemned prisoners to the gallows and the guillotine. This model is part of the gallows kit in the Pirate range. The cart is 75mm long. £3.00