28mm Vehicles

Supreme Littleness Designs’ 28mm-scale models are designed for figures 28-32mm high. This scale is similar to 1:76, S scale, 1:64, and 4mm and 5mm to the foot. 28mm Fantasy Prison Wagon 28mm-V01-FAN This four-wheeled prison wagon has an ornate style that might suit a snow world setting such as Frostgrave, for which it might be painted silver and cool grey. Alternatively, with a red and green colour scheme it might be an ideal prison wagon for an evil child catcher. The wagon features a seat for the driver, seven grilled windows, mounting steps, and a cage at the back of the wagon. The vehicle is designed for use with one 28mm draught animal (not supplied), in this case a draught horse - or a deer complete with antlers, perhaps! £12.50 28mm Fantasy War Wagon 28mm-V02-FAN
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Shown with a Colonel Bills 28mm draught horse.
This four-wheeled wagon has an interior space measuring 75mm x 50mm. The model was inspired by the historical Hussite battle wagon and designed to be fielded similarly as a wagon wall without draught animals. £5.50 Buy a 100mm x 80mm base for a war wagon (complete with dice holder) here. The model comes with a choice of two floor heights. These Games Workshop orc archers take advantage of the higher of the two.
28mm 2-Wheeled Cart 28mm-V03-RW This simple two-wheeled cart is designed as an Ancient/Medieval one-horse cart that might suit any region from Europe to the Far East as well as a Fantasy setting. £3.00 28mm Broken Cart Wheel 28mm-V03a-RW This wheel model can be substituted for one of the wheels of RW-28mm-V03 or simply left discarded by the wayside. £0.50
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All kits come unassembled and unpainted. The materials for the kits are fibreboards (MDF), card and paper.
28mm Barrels & Boxes available here.
28mm Push & Pull Handcart 28mm-V04 This model is designed as a simple hand cart designed to be pulled from the front at the same time as being pushed from behind. It is based on a Chinese hand cart. The cart is 80mm long. £2.00