3mm South European Range

South European buildings in 1:600 scale designed to be compatible with 3mm figures. Gamarra Mayor Village and Farm Set GAM-3mm-01 The Gamarra Mayor buildings are designed to represent the village near Vitoria that was defended by the French during the Peninsula War battle. One of each of kits SE-3mm 01, 02, 03, and 04 plus a 120mm x 80mm wavy edge base. The tree models are not included in the kit.  £9.00 South European Church of Gamarra Mayor SE-3mm-01 This model is based on the church of Gamarra Mayor. The steeple has a leaded roof rather than a tiled one. It has a footprint of 29mm x 36mm. £2.20 South European Mansion SE-3mm-02 This South European mansion is based on the Palacio at Gamarra Mayor that stands next to the church. It has a footprint of 30mm x 15mm. The kit comes with metal studs that have tabs which need to be removed with cutters and smoothed off with a file. £1.80
South European Farm/Country Villa SE-3mm-03 This kit builds a model that plugs into a 2mm thick wavy edge base measuring 40mm square. The tree models are not included in the kit. £2.20 South European Country Houses SE-3mm-04 This kit builds three same-sized houses, two with balconies. The walls and chimney pieces can be mixed and matched. The kit also includes a small extension for one house. The kit includes optional window shutters. £3.00 South European Country Chapel SE-3mm-05 This South European chapel is based on an isolated chapel on the Spanish-Portuguese border. Comes with a 40mm x 20mm wavy edge base with engraved paving slabs. £1.40
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Hints and tips on assembling the kits can be found on the Designs page.
All kits come unassembled and unpainted. The materials for the kits are fibreboards (MDF), card and paper.
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