Self-adhesive magnets for your sabot bases! These high performance magnets are sized for the UK penny sabot bases. They should keep your miniatures secure enough to climb the steepest of tabletop hills. One self-adhesive magnet is needed for each slot.

20mm-diameter self-adhesive Magnetic Dots

88 self-adhesive magnets £5.00  £4.00 These magnets are being offered at this price due to the fluctuating price of magnet sheet.


Magnets are heavy and expensive to deliver. Orders that include magnets are likely to be charged postage at cost if this is significantly over the normal postage charge. In this event, customers will be billed the excess. This is more likely with large orders of magnets and magnet-only orders, especially to outside-UK.

Magnets & UK Penny Coins

Since 1992, UK pennies have been minted with a mild steel core and electroplated with copper - consequently they are magnetic. These are 1.65mm thick. Together with the high-performance magnets that can be supplied, which are 0.7mm thick, brings the troop bases up to a slither of a mere 0.2mm over the top of the sabot base.
Please check out the Order page  before placing an order. Basket quotes UK postage only.
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