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Please check out the Order Page before placing an order.
Please check out the Order page before placing an order.

Sabot Bases

Army Sabot Bases Single Figure Sabot Bases Sabot Bases for Euro Coins with 17mm Round Slots Sabot Bases for UK 5p Coins with 18mm Round Slots Sabot Bases for 20mm Round Bases Sabot Bases for UK Penny Coins with 21mm Round Slots Sabot Bases for Cavalry Sabot Bases for 25mm Round Bases Sabot Bases suitable for 25mm round bases/Test of Honour/Gangs of Rome Sabot Bases for UK 2p Coins with 26mm Round Slots Sabot Bases suitable for Lion/Dragon Rampant Sabot Bases for 32mm Round Bases A sabot base comprises a 2mm or 3mm MDF topper complete with a card underlay (purposefully thin to keep the sabots from being too thick). Alternative MDF underlays can be supplied on request at extra cost.

Other Sizes

For any other size of sabot base or sabot bases for other shapes/coins, please contact Supreme Littleness Designs. Examples of commissioned sabot bases can be seen on Derek Hodge’s Blog. BELOW Supreme Littleness sabot bases for UK penny coins painted by Derek Hodge.
After four years as an always-open online shop  due to the increase in orders and design commitments   the Supreme Littleness Designs shop now opens and closes in line with the number of orders that come in and that there is sufficient time to process.  Follow SLD on FaceBook for updates on shop opening times. The shop is open when the PayPal buttons are showing.