25mm-wide Terrain Lengths

Supreme Littleness Designs’ terrain bases are all cut from 2mm thick MDF. These terrain lengths are designed as road bases but could be used for waterways or railroads, or for other linear features. The connecting edges are all 25mm wide, therefore the roadways are 25mm wide. 25mm-wide Straights Pack of 17 25mm-wide straight sections 200mm straight x 3 100mm straight x 8 100mm straight with a slight bend x 6 £4.80 25mm-wide Curves Pack of 14 25mm-wide curve sections A variety of nine different curve shapes. £4.80 25mm-wide Junctions & Ends Pack of 12 25mm-wide junction sections and a variety of end sections Crossroads 75mm long x 2 Y Junction 100mm long x 2 Y Junction 75mm long x 4 T Junction 75mm long x 4 Ends x 8 £4.80
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These bases are cut from 2mm thick MDF. 3mm MDF can be supplied as an alternative on request. Other sizes can be produced on request.

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