Game Markers

Markers/Cut-Out Shapes 15mm-square These game markers are simple cut-out shapes. They are all designed to fit within an area 15mm square. They are made of 2mm thick fibreboard.
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Lightning Bolt/Shock MCO-15-02 Backwards Arrow MCO-15-06 Heater Shield MCO-15-10 Hoop MCO-15-14 Sun Burst MCO-15-18 Entrenching Tool MCO-15-22 Triangle MCO-15-26 7-sided Polygon MCO-15-30 Number 2 MCO-15-34 Oblique MCO-15-38 Steps MCO-15-42
Skull MCO-15-01 Forwards Arrow MCO-15-05 Heart MCO-15-09 Celtic Shield MCO-15-13 Star MCO-15-17 Flag MCO-15-21 Rounded Square MCO-15-25 5-sided Polygon MCO-15-29 Number 1 MCO-15-33 Square MCO-15-37 Energy MCO-15-41
Cloud MCO-15-04 Solid Arrow MCO-15-08 Elegant Shield MCO-15-12 Crescent MCO-15-16 Crossbones MCO-15-20 Chevron MCO-15-24 Octagon MCO-15-28 10-sided Polygon MCO-15-32 Exclamation Mark MCO-15-36 Crown/Skirmish MCO-15-40 Zigzag MCO-15-44
Explosion MCO-15-03 Chunky Arrow MCO-15-07 Wankel Shield MCO-15-11 Target MCO-15-15 Cross MCO-15-19 Keyhole/Lock MCO-15-23 Hexagon MCO-15-27 9-sided Polygon MCO-15-31 Number 3 MCO-15-35 Broken MCO-15-39 Radiation MCO-15-43
15mm Marker Cut-Outs are sold in PACKS of 6 Markers All Packs 45p
Pack of  6 MARKERS 45p

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