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Crusades Markers

Crusader and Saracen markers designed for Crusades

games such as Soldiers of God. Great for army morale

markers! These 20mm markers are cut from 2mm MDF

and come unpainted.

Crusader Cross Pack of 10 20mm crosses £1.00 Templar Cross Pack of 10 20mm crosses £1.00 Saracen Crescent Pack of 10 20mm crescents £1.00 Saracen Star Pack of 10 20mm stars £1.00 Supreme Littleness Designs’ game aids are not endorsed by the designers of any named game.

Roman Markers

Roman Gladius These markers are shaped like the famous Roman Gladius Sword that gave the gladiators their name. Great for gladiator games! They measure 25mm in length. Pack of 8 25mm Gladius Sword Markers £1.00
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